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 Common Cooling System Problems
  Problem    Symptom    What To Do  
  1. Insufficient Coolant   Temperature warning light goes on.   Check coolant level. Fill to proper level with 50/50 coolant mixture.  
2. Dirty or rusty coolant Rust or sediment in coolant sample. Flush cooling system. Fill with fresh 50/50 coolant mixture.
3. Hose deterioration Spongy or swollen hoses. Very hard hoses. Hoses swollen or cracked around hose clamps. Replace hoses. Replace frozen or bent clamps.
4. Thermostat stuck in open position; opening too soon. Heater delivers cool air. Engine heats up too slowly. Check thermostat. Replace if hung open or opening too soon.
5. Worn fan belt Cracks or fraying on inside of belt. Car may overheat due to slippage of belt. Check fan belt and other drive belts. Replace those that are worn. Check all belts for proper tension.
6. Sludge or rust in radiator Engine overheats. Sludge or rust visible through radiator filler neck. Clean Radiator Cleaner. If car is older than 7 years, may need to replace radiator.
7. Coolant Overflow Coolant overflows through overflow pipe. Check pressure cap. Replace if necessary.

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