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 Extra Cooling for your 92 - 00 Honda Civic

Looking to get a little extra cooling for your 1992-2000 modified Honda Civic but not ready for the cost of all aluminum? Have you swapped in a B16, B17, B18 or even an H22 engine and are realizing that the improved performance comes at a cost to your cooling system?

We have an excellent cost alternative to the all aluminum radiator that, with very little modifications, will cool that hybrid Civic down. We can even provide you the radiator and fan assembly package.

Many people are modifing their 92-00 Honda Civics. Either with bolt on modifications or complete engine swaps. All that new found horsepower is just too much for your little 14 inch radiator. Not to mention that on the engine swaps the hose connections on the radiator are too small. With our radiator upgrade all that is required are three modifications.

NOTE: If you are planning or already have a turbocharger this radiator will not work with the limited space. An all aluminum direct replacement will be required.

Modification number one.


If your car was one of the many that came without A/C from the factory you have already accomplished this step. For everyone else this step is MANDATORY! On the positive side with some of these engine swaps extra weight is added to the vehicle which can create understeer so you will be effectivly eliminating some of that weight.

Modification number two.

It will be necessary to move the lower radiator pin support located in the approximate center of the car to the driver side. Approx 8-10 inches. This process may require some cutting and welding. You will also need another upper pin support/mount bracket. You can get one from the dealer or from a local salvage yard.

Modification number three.

A new fan assembly is also needed. You can order one from the dealer at an approx cost of 300.00 dollars, pick one up at a salvage yard, or we can supply you with a new matching fan assembly at a sustantially lower cost than O.E. Should you choose to buy one yourself you will need to order one for a 1994-2000 acura integra. Keep in mind however that there were two possible radiator and fan combinations for these cars. Our radiators are designed to accomodate both fan types.

We have this radiator available in a one row 5/8" thick core and a two row 1 1/4" thick core.
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