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Koyo Radiators are designed and manufactured to OEM specs. Renowned for their original equipment style design radiators made especially for import cars which include over 300 Applications. For the best in Honda radiators, Acura radiators and Toyota radiators, Koyo radiators are the best. Koyo brings over 30 Years of manufacturing experience, Japanese Engineering with a 600 member team for Koyo racing radiator.

Copper Brass Core Radiator

Koyo's plastic tank and copper core radiators offer a wider range of Japanese applications than any other supplier.

Aluminum Core Radiator

Koyo's radiators are also available in plastic tank and aluminum core. Our NocolokR brazing line keeps the highest quality standards, bringing you superior products you can rely on.

Lightweight high performance radiators provide the key to maximum engine performance. Koyo's experience in developing superior performance radiator products is proud to present K-Sport performance radiators, off the shelf or custom made.

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