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Behr radiator provides top performance in vehicle air conditioning and engine cooling Behr specializes in original equipment made for European passenger cars. For BMW radiator, Mercedes radiator, Porsche radiators, Rolls Royce or Volkswagen, there is no better aftermarket radiator company. To meet high quality requirements, internally Behr sets high standards regarding methods, products and processes. Consistent implementation of innovative ideas leads to technical trends. Behr avoids production errors, particularly during manual work operations, by consistently applying rules for the organization of workplaces. Monitoring facilities are also used to check possible sources of error. At Behr, statistical test planning signifies the experimental method of determining and optimizing the essential factors influencing product and process quality.

Behr produces three different systems based on this design principle:

Firstly, the mechanically joined radiator with a core made from stamped fins and inserted round or oval tubes. This cooling matrix is of sufficient capacity for less powerful engines and low production costs speak in its favor.

However, should a high heat transfer capacity with the lowest possible air-system pressure drop be required, the brazed flat-tube/corrugated fin radiator system is first choice. Due to the narrow, flat tubes, which provide favorable flow properties, this system offers high power-density values and a wide range of core depths.

The third system is the all-aluminum radiator developed by Behr to serial production stage in 1998. Three points speak in its favor: It is somewhat lighter than an aluminum radiator with plastic water tanks, significantly shallower in depth and is completely recyclable. Behr has developed two all-aluminum radiators. The first design has a matrix with the tube ends forming a closed system which is enclosed by U-shaped aluminum coolant tanks. In the second version, the matrix includes single-section aluminum collecting tubes.

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