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Honda Radiator Removal
*Warning* To ensure propery safety, please ensure your Honda's engine is completely cool. Below are instructions on how to install radiators.
  1. To be safe, we must disconnect the battery. Take the negative battery cable and disconnect.
  2. Block the back wheels of your vehicle and set the parking brake, so the vehicle will not move during the process.
  3. Use a jack to raise up the front of your Honda. Next, take out the splash pan beneath the radiator.
    (Note: If the radio in your vehicle is equipped with an anti-theft system, make sure you have the correct activation code before you disconnect the battery.
  4. Drain the cooling system. If the coolant is relatively new and in good condition, save and reuse it.
  5. If the vehicle has an automatic transaxle, disconnect the cooler lines from the radiator. Use a drip pan to catch spills and then plug the lines and fittings.
  6. Unplug the electrical connector for the cooling fan switch.
  7. Loosen the hose clamps and detach the radiator hoses from the fittings. If they stick, grasp each hose near the end with adjustable pliers, twist to break the seal, and pull off.
    (Note: Do not distort the radiator fittings. If the hoses are old or deteriorated, cut them off and install new ones.)
  8. Remove the engine cooling fans.
  9. Unbolt the small brackets attaching the upper end of the radiator to the front crossmember and unbolt the bracket for the air conditioning refrigerant.
  10. Carefully lift out the radiator.
    (Note: Do not spill coolant on the vehicle or scratch the paint.)
  11. Check the radiator for any leaks and damage. If repair is necessary, go to a radiator shop or dealer service department.
  12. With a garden hose, spray the backside of the radiator to remove bugs and dirt.
  13. Check the radiator mounts for discoloration and replace them, if necessary.
Honda Radiator Installation Instructions
Installation radiator is the reverse of removal. Some people aren't the do-it-yourself type. If that's you and you need to find a local mechanic, call us at 866-648-9780. We'll be able to locate a mechanic at a great price for you.
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