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Maintaining your Honda Passport is an important part of having one, and if you do not maintain certain parts of your vehicle, like the cooling system for instance, you can cause a lot of vehicle health problems in the long run. The cooling system plays an important part in your vehicle, and requires maintenance regularly if you do not want your car to eventually overheat. Maintenance for the cooling system in your Honda Passport involves clearing out dirt and debris such as dead bugs and dried leaves, topping off your coolant level regularly, and checking the entire system for signs of wear and tear, especially in the radiator and the hoses. Even if you properly maintain your Honda Passport cooling system, your radiator hoses and radiator will still sustain gradual wear and tear, and will eventually need to be replaced. Mechanics recommend that you replace the radiator in your Honda Passport at least every five to eight years. If you do not replace your radiator when it is experiencing problems, you may be risking a serious break down. Problems with the cooling system contribute to nearly ninety percent of all roadside break downs. Save yourself energy by replacing the radiator in your Honda Passport series vehicle as soon as it begins to show signs of wear.

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