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The Honda Odyssey was introduced as a compact mini-van with swing-open doors in 1995. The first generation Honda Odyssey was available both in the LX and EX trim levels. The Honda Odyssey LX could fit seven passengers, with two front bucket seats, a middle bench with three seats and a third row bench with two seats. The EX on the other hand, came with two captain's chairs in the second row. The Odyssey was eventually rebadged into the Isuzu Oasis, but was then discontinued shortly thereafter.

In order to extend the life of your Honda Odyssey series radiator, there are several steps that you can take. The first is the check the coolant level monthly, and to top up when necessarily, using a 50/50 anti-freeze and water mixture. The radiator in your Honda Odyssey should be flushed out at least yearly in order to make sure that all accumulated rust, dirt and debris are washed out completely. If radiator hoses are brittle or cracked, now is also a good time to consider replacing them. We also find that carrying a spare radiator hose or two in your emergency car kit could do you good.

Radiator problems tend to stem from deterioration of the cooling system, and no car is safe from them. Most vehicles experience a radiator problem at least once throughout their life, and the Honda Odyssey series is no exception. Environmental factors like dust and salts in the air, chemical reactions and debris can all work to break down the metal in your radiator system. has everything you need when it comes time to replace a faulty radiator for your Honda Odyssey. will help you to find the best possible price for the radiator, or radiator parts that you need. At, you can find all of the supplies that you need, for the greatest discount rates. Come and see us today, in order to find the best possible radiator for your Honda Odyssey.