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Chances are you should be giving serious thought to replacing your Buick Riviera radiator. The last Buick Riviera rolled off of GM's assembly line in 1999, and if you have one of those or even an earlier model now is the time to be looking for a Buick Riviera radiator replacement.

While Buick automobiles do have a reputation for quality and luxury, no radiator lasts forever. Typically, any vehicle will require a radiator replacement after six to eight years, even if the car is never driven anywhere. Back when U.S. carmakers did virtually all manufacturing in-house, new radiators were assembled using micro-welds and solder. Your newer Buick Riviera radiator was probably manufactured in an overseas facility using a type of epoxy that loses adhesion power after about seven years.

Of all your Buick Riviera car parts, the Buick Riviera radiator is the one to keep a close eye on - because everything else depends on it. Without a working Buick Riviera radiator, your engine would soon stop running - forever. If you have ever seen an engine that has succumbed to cooling system failure, you know just how ugly this can be. Signs to watch for include higher-than-normal running temperatures on an ongoing basis. Occasional high temperatures are normal when idling in traffic on a hot day, but if your engine temperature constantly stays above 220 degrees or so, you may have a problem.

Loss of Buick Riviera radiator coolant can cause this. It's normal to lose a small amount to evaporation occasionally (which is why your coolant should be checked every month), but if you have to add more than a pint or so every week, it's going somewhere. Perhaps you've seen puddles of antifreeze under your car that cannot be explained in any other way. It could be a loose or cracked Buick Riviera radiator hose, a faulty radiator cap, or on rare occasions, a blown gasket or a cracked engine block. If you have eliminated these possibilities and you're still losing coolant, chances are it's time for a radiator replacement for that Buick Riviera.

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