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Yes, there is such a thing as getting an OE quality Buick radiator at a discount Buick radiator price. I know it's hard to believe but we do it every day. If you want to go down to the dealer and pay that higher price for the same high quality Buick radiators we have to offer, go ahead. Don't think just because you have an old vintage Buick radiator or a brand new Buick radiator, we can not accomodate your needs. We have replacement Buick radiator for just about every year, make and model you can imagine. Buick Century radiator and Buick Skylark radiator are our specialties. We do have coverage for even more of the Buick family. The affordable Buick Skyhawk, sport utility Buick Redezvous, elegant Buick Park Avenue or classic Buick Riviera radiator. ? Rock flip up and crack your plastic tank? Too much pressure causing that tank seam to leak? Steam erosion? A pin-hole leak in your core? All of these are common reasons why you need to get a replacement Buick radiator. Only one common answer to cure your problem, radiators.com. We provide an exact replacement for your Buick radiator. Wether you are looking for a discount Buick radiaor or an OE high-quality Buick radiator replacement, we have what you need. It is hard enough having to deal with the fact something just happened to your Buick radiator. Let alone having to worry about if you are getting a quality part and having to do the job a second time. RELAX. We make sure what we send is up to our high quality standards and nothing less. ? We have placed over a 100 warehouses throughout the nation. With the key goal of service in mind. Our idea is that when you call, you get a radiator the same day or next day. We have a variety of shipping methods to ensure a quick and timely delivery, so you can get your part as soon as possible. We realize the longer you have your car down, the longer you have to wait to get the things you need done. ? We have a staff of trained technicians standing by the phone or online. We are not after the quick buck but want to take the extra step to make sure you receive the correct part the first time. Feel free to call us anytime at 8666489780 for any orders or questions you might have. We look forward to doing business with you and get your Buick running right away.