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For all the Buick Century's long reputation for luxury and durability, the Buick Century radiator is a rather frail device beset with enemies. Despite this, the Buick Century radiator does an admirable job helping its engine to keep its cool - and lasts a good long time before a replacement radiator is required.

The Century is actually one of Buick's longest running models, with the first one coming out all the way back in 1936. It was the result of pairing the body of the mid-size Buick Special to a massive, high-powered (for the time) 320 cubic inch V8 engine. Generating 120 horsepower, you can imagine that the Buick Century radiator had its work cut out for it. Because this high-end luxury car was capable of 95 MPH, it was known as the "banker's hotrod."

After a hiatus between 1942 and 1954, the Century made a comeback. Because of its high performance, the California Highway Patrol ordered a fleet of special two-door models in 1955 - again, a real test for that Buick Century radiator, considering the rigors of that particular job. One can only imagine that the CHP wound up ordering a fair number of new radiators as well.

Today's Century is a mid-size vehicle, but that doesn't make the job of the Buick Century radiator any easier. This thin metal hot water bottle has to exchange temperatures hot enough to melt lead for those cool enough to prevent the engine from burning itself up. Neglect, flying road debris, and even a dirty grille can damage your Buick Century radiator. Inside the Buick Century radiator, chemical reactions between the coolant and radiator materials are going on, causing mineral deposits to build up and clog the passages. In addition, constant expansion of heating and contraction from cooling literally causes your Buick Century radiator to eventually "split its seams" as the solder and epoxy start giving up the ghost.

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