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Where in the world can I get an AMC radiator?? The answer is simple. Here at we are one of the nations biggest AMC warehouse around. Wether it is a hot roddin AMC hornet radiator, an out-of-this-world AMC Gremlin radiator, the reliable AMC Concord radiator or your rare AMC SX-4 radiator, we will have what you need. AMC discount auto parts stores will not even have the selection and quality that we provide for you AMC enthusiasts. Join us by doing your part of keeping the legacy of American Motors Corporation alive and buy an AMC auto radiator for yours today.? The beauty of these classic AMC radiator is they are built to last through the abuse. We here at believe in that same philosophy, "Build Them Tough". More then likely your AMC has some decent miles on it and it needs a little extra help in the cooling department. The build up of bad water can affect the heat dissipation of your radiator. This coating creates a barrier between your water and the metal of your radiator. Thus not allowing the air travelling across your radiator to properly cool your coolant. Instead of dealing with a radiator shop and bringing it down to them to get it re-cored, call us. If you are looking for a cost effective replacement or a upgrade from stock radiator, the choice is yours.? We here at have warehouses all over the nation. We have the biggest selection of radiators, OE quality or aftermarket, that can be shipped to you directly. Why wait to get a radiator re-cored? It will probably take about a week before you will see it again and that is if it isn't the busy season for re-cores. Because of our strategic placement of warehouses, you can see a radiator the same day you call in. If not the same day, we have plenty of shipping methods so you can see that radiator very shortly.? We have an educated staff waiting by the phones to take your call and answer any questions or orders you may have. Call one of our representitives at 8666489780 to get your AMC auto radiator on the way. We thank you in advance and look forward to your future business. We do stock radiators for just about every make and model you can come up with.