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Radiator Product Testimonials

"After years of dealing with mediocrity and incompetence, in a retail world where a hamburger shop can't even get a 3 item order correct, to find someone doing business so well is stunning. The correct auto radiator, overnight, perfect fit, hands down winner on price. A true "overnight success story."
Many Thanks,"

"I found out about your site/business through a local friend who recommended you. I will definitely refer anyone who needs an automotive radiator to your site. My experience was excellent, the staff even called to confirm a minor detail that could of been crucial had they not confirmed it. My experience was absolutely first-rate!
Thank you!"

"You delivered a quality product, at a fair price, quickly, and answered any questions I had extremely fast after I received the radiator. I like the product. The OEM radiator is about 1" thick, compared to the upgrade I got from you, which is 2 and 1/4" thick. Just think about all that added cooling!
Merl B

"This was my first purchase over the Internet. At first a little nervous, it was easy and the service, quality and delivery were great. I bought it from your site after checking several online radiator stores and I found your price to be the best, considering the lifetime warranty. I was very impressed that I could order something late at night, on my time, and have it delivered to my house within a day. There was no shipping damage and the car is running well with the new radiator.
Thank you!" Tom

"Thanks for all your help! I got my new radiator about 24 hours after speaking with you. It's better than my OEM! My car runs superb even after a half-hour road test!

"I have just installed the new radiator in my daughter's Celica. I was very impressed. Everything fit perfectly, and your radiator is better built, with better materials, and higher capacity than the original Toyota core. I have already bragged to some of my wrench twiddling buddies about the great deal and good service I got - I hope to send you some new business soon.
Thank you!!!"

"I am writing to praise and compliment you for the way that you do business. For one thing, I loved your web site. I decided to call your toll free number to order and spoke to the kindest lady. She even overheard me speaking to my husband about a cheaper price radiator that I had gotten from somewhere else and told me that she would match the price. Even at the other place where I got the cheaper price (only $3.00 cheaper) I was going to have to pay 10.00 shipping (and it wasn't overnight shipping like yours) so your price was still by far the better. After such wonderful, kind and courteous service, I decided to buy a condenser to and, WOW, your price was the best. This has been, BY FAR, the best buying experience I have ever had. I am in the automotive industry, so I know a lot of people in the business. I will recommend you to each and every person in the industry that I can. Thank you so much, it has been a real pleasure doing business with you."
Crystal J

"My Miata radiator broke yesterday, you guys are a life saver. The Mazda dealership here wants $473.00!
Thanks for the great quality and price,"
Jonathan S

"I find it absolutely amazing that I could locate an OEM radiator for my 21-year-old Jeep, order it for less than one might expect and have it delivered to my door the next day! That's what the Internet should be all about."
Marc L

"Just wanted to pass on my good feelings about It is the best online radiator store I've used yet. I like your site, it's so customer friendly."

"Just wanted to send my appreciation on how well my order was handled. A gentleman named Chris was especially considerate in making sure that I received the right model and that my concerns with shipping were met. Ordering through your online store was much easier and more effective than going through our local service centers here. Plus, I saved money! Thanks again!"

"This is the second radiator I've ordered from you and think the service, pricing and warranty are great!!!!!!"

"You have a great service - it was prompt, the emails were done on time, I will be doing business with you guys again, keep up the awesome work and amazing quality auto radiators!"

"My son says that the truck radiator we ordered from you today was already there when he got home from work! That's a pretty good trick!
Thank you,"

"Dear Sirs,
I was totally frustrated with searching the web for BMW parts, until I thought of typing in and you came up! Thanks so much for having such a great site and quick service. I received my radiator today!"

"The overall experience was very pleasant, it made spending money I did not want to spend a little easier. Your cheaper price radiator was priced right and the shipping was great!!"

"I recently bought an auto radiator from you guys, and just finished putting it in the car. I just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with the part and also your customer service representatives. They were always kind and answered all my questions. It is rare that I am as pleased with a service as I am with yours. Thank you and from now on I will buy only from you guys.
Roberto R

"I did a search on the Internet to see what your competition was doing, prior to my ordering with you. The best I could find was "free" shipping for $5.00 (??!!) Their web site was a pile to deal with. I did not like their iffy diagram and really appreciate your accurate photos. The real killer was an IDENTICAL site with a different site address and phone number. Well, THAT seemed a little too sleazy for me, and I only want to have to do this once.
Thanks for being trustworthy,"

"Great experience, I was referred to you by a buddy and you saved me 300 bucks! I'm definitely spreading the word to all my friends that you can save money for a hi-performance radiator with!"

"MANY, MANY thanks for your help the other day! The radiator arrived the very next day just as you said it would. Now my temperature gauge barely moves off the peg now!! My experience with you guys COULD NOT HAVE BEEN BETTER! An excellent product and AMAZING service! Many thanks! Again, Thanks a million!"


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